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Bonham honouring family legacy

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Dale Bonham comes from a family with deep roots in the Leamington Karting community. His family has been involved in the sport for almost 60 years. "My grandfather, Gord Bonham, he used to own the track years ago. Been in karting since the 60's my whole family". said the 42 year old.

The Point Pelee Karting Club in Leamington held a Memorial Race Sunday to commemorate members who left this earth too early. "We take this weekend to celebrate them" said Dale.

Dale, who makes a living in the karting business, makes it a point to honour his late grandfather at every opportunity. "I'm a lucky man but if it weren't for people like my grandfather getting me into this I wouldn't have these opportunities".

Dale owns NBS Motorsports. He builds engines and coaches in Uxbridge, "It's pretty cool. I get to show up at the track every day and work with kids" of all levels.

Hear more in this video brought to you by Unifor Local 444.

Sunday's Memorial Race at the Point Pelee Karting Club saw a member from each family parade the track with a flag bearing the name of a late member. The ceremony was held before the divisional finals.


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