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Fit Tip Thursday

Our next fit tip wth Shane Topalovic focuses on a technique that can be a game changer. Breathing. Sounds simple enough but it's an aspect that is generally overlooked. Here's a video demonstrating a simple technique. Topalovic provides detail of the technique below the following video.

If you are a new runner or have been doing it forever try this simple technique to help you breath better and become a more efficient runner. Take in gentle breath in and then exhale. Hold your breath and your nose Walk as far as you can (count your steps) Go until you feel a strong need to breathe. Then continue to breathe only through your nose for 1 minute Repeat this 5 – 6 times that process Keep the same walking cadence. Don’t speed up to try and beat your numbers As you get better at this the number of steps you take should increase. You may progress this to running or adding a few more rounds once you get good at this but don’t rush the process and don’t go to the point where you feel light headed.

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