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Hodare shows promise at nationals

Daniel Hodare wrapped up his season Monday with a 7th place finish at the Artistic Gymnastics National Championships in Richmond, BC. "I'm really happy with the result." said Alpha coach Robert Stanescu.

Hodare qualified for the final in the rings event in his first competition at the seniors level. "Finishing 7th may not have been my goal but it gave me the eye opening experience I needed to reinforce my commitment to the sport of gymnastics and training harder everyday."

The event saw him compete against national level athletes considered what he calls Olympic prospects. "I was very proud that I made it to the rings finals and felt good about my abilities." said the 21 year old.

Stanescu added, "They have a lot more experience than him. Some of them are already on the national team so it's a really good result."

Hodare heads into the summer with wide eyes and a bigger commitment to doing what he needs to do to return to the competition next year ready to take a step up the ladder. "I will be back next year and you can count on that. And next year I'm bringing home a medal for myself and for Team Ontario.

"They know who he is and they expect more and so do we." said Stanescu.

Check out his performance below.

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