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Jamieson Jr. Golf Tour scheduled

Junior golfers have dates to look forward to this season. Jamieson Jr. Golf Tour officials recently released the schedule beginning May 29th with the qualifier at Fox Glen. "We're really happy to be able to conduct the tour again this season especially with all of the other restrictions on junior athletic events". said tour director Dan Demarco.

This year's tour will include a collegiate division. Having run last year's tournament following the first wave of the pandemic Demarco feels this season should be easier to run because they already have strong protocols in place. "Undoubtedly will make a few adjustments to fine tune our procedures. Our courses remain super supportive of the tour".

Here are this year's dates.

1/ July 12-Willow Ridge

2/ July 19-Kingsville

3/ July 21-Essex

4/ July 26-Maple City

5/ July 29-Ambassador

6/ August 5-Rochester Place

7/ August 6-Erie Shores

8/ August 9-Beach Grove

Seven Lakes and Sutton Creek may also be added to the tour.

Photo courtesy: Glen Gervais.

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