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Lakeshore wins marathon 5OT game

Gruelling. Painful. Rewarding. That's how Lakeshore Canadiens Anthony Iaquinta described his team's game 6 win in Wheatley which took took five overtime periods to solve. He says it turned into some of the most painful hockey he has ever seen.

Source: Ric Albano

"Players were cramping up. Shifts are about 10-15 seconds long. At that point you're just trying to wait out and get your opportunity to make a play and fortunately for us we were able to make one there in the eighth period.

Marco Sladoje found himself in front of the Sharks net and scored the winner 5:42 of the fifth overtime ending the longest overtime game Iaquinta has ever been a part of. "Usually by two somebody empties the tank. Both goalies were good."

Nick Bolton faced 100 shots in the Lakeshore net while the Canadiens fired 92 at Ethan Handley.

The Habs trailed 3-1 heading into the third period but clawed their way back. Matteo Frattaroli and Eric Bisson got Lakeshore back on even ground. Jak Thiessen put the hometown Sharks ahead at 13:01 but Kyle Walker scored 24 seconds later to send this game into survival mode.

The Canadiens now await the winner of the Essex-Mooretown series which has the 73's up 3-2. Despite losing Game 5, Mooretown won appeal claiming Liam Hall was ineligible and should have been serving the first of a two game suspension after accumulating his third goaltender interference penalty in Game 4. Game 6 is in Mooretown Friday night.

Iaquinta has given his team a few days off to rest but not before having a little fun with his squad after the game. "We get in the room and I said, typically our practices are Thursdays, so I said we're going to practice tomorrow, just a bag skate. Quick. Get back in shape and they all said no way." Iaquinta said breaking into a laugh. "You're just so tired everything is funny."

Here's the winning goal courtesy of Rick Albano. Enjoy the time off.

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