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Laramie ready for the call

It took Tony Laramie 33 seconds to knock out his opponent at BTC 21 in Kitchener.

Daniel Nunez didn't know what hit him as Laramie went on to win his sixth straight fight and improved to 8-2 with the victory. "Every performance I have, every time I step in the cage I just feel better, do better and I perform better and it really showed last weekend when I finished Daniel Nunez in the first round."

Laramie handed Nunez, who fights out of Mexico, his first loss against five wins. "All first round finishes. Anybody can say what they want about him. I finished him."

After landing a kick Laramie took a step back, loaded up and delivered a two-punch combo that ended with a devastating right hook. Nunez fell to the canvas as Laramie pounced on him with a flurry of punches to end the fight. Check out the KO and celebration that followed. He was hyped.

A commentator on the broadcast suggested "a big organization has to be calling for Tony Laramie." Laramie feels he's more than ready. "I've trained with people in the UFC and stuff and have done nothing but good. I know I'm on that level. It's a matter of I keep racking up these wins til they give me the call. That's all I can do."

TJ Laramie is no stranger to the game and was in his brother's corner during the fight. "Everyone around him knows how good he is and he's at that level. He's not ready for that level. He's been at that level. If you put him up against anybody in the top 10 (flyweight division) he's winning or giving them a great fight. At only 24-year old this kid is ready to take on the world and I couldn't be more proud of that."

Tony was back at MTC this week putting in the work and expects to be back in action September 8th in Detroit.



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