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Leamington takes 2-1 Super Series lead

Alex Cunningham capped off a frantic sequence late in game three of the Essex-County Super Series scoring on a penalty shot giving the Leamington Flyers a 3-2 OT win. "I thought it was a very exciting game". said Flyers goaltender Ryan Polidori who made a key stop on LaSalle's Nick Pavia on a breakaway during the final sequence.

Ryan Clark sprung Cunningham for a breakaway with the team's playing 3-on-3. He was tripped leading to a game-ending penalty shot. Cunningham went low blocker for the winner.

"I don't think you could come up with a more exciting way to finish a game and possibly the series but we are very happy with how it turned out". said Polidori.

The remainder of the series is in jeopardy with the region moving into red Monday. Polidori says players had that in the back of their minds heading into the contest.

"Especially for the older guys, knowing it could possibly be their last game, we all wanted to end off on a win not only for us as a team but for them too. This series has been a very entertaining one.

Check out the game highlights courtesy of HOCKEYTV and brought to you by Unifor Local 444.

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