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Loyuk has breakout game

Iverson Chong was lights out dropping 48 points (previous season high was 18) on the St. Clair men's basketball team Saturday but the Saints came out with an impressive 111-96 win. "From a fan perspective a lot of action. A lot of fun," said St. Clair co-head coach Brendon Seguin. "From a coaching perspective, probably gave up too many points. Tip your cap to the guy when you put 48. Overall. Good. Were were up 20 the whole game so I can't really complain. Overall good game.

Chong wasn't the only player to have a break out. St. Clair's Andrew Loyuk scored a season-high 34 points and tied a season-high with 8 assists. "I just wanna win," Loyuk said. "Whatever I can contribute to win I'm gonna do it. My team they help me out. They push me. Want me to get better."

"I work hard. We work hard. You see results.

Seguin says he and the coaching staff started talking to Loyuk when he entered grade 9 at Kennedy and feel fortunate to have a rookie who is a primary ball handler. "Just a lot of poise and his strength. Once he makes a move, you're on his hip, it's over. He's able to bring us through ball pressure, get a bucket when we need it. Get to the rim. Free throws. He's been awesome. We expect big things from him in his first year which is tough but he delivers every time.

St. Clair is the top team in the West Division at 10-2. Mohawk falls to 8-5.

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