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Morneau family rivalry heats up

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Nothing like a good 'ol family rivalry to keep the juices flowing and the one between Noah and Christian Morneau is heating up. The Morneau's are one of seven siblings on the Jamieson jr. golf tour this summer and they've been battling throughout.

Thursday's tour stop at Rochester Place saw Christian beat his older brother by a shot. The 16-year old followed that up with a 75 Friday at Erie Shores in Leamington beating his 18-year old bro by five shots.

The brothers are neck and neck in the standings. Noah is 13th overall and holds a slim two point margin over his brother who is right behind him in 14th place.

These brothers are tight and have been involved in various sports throughout their youth. Competition is in their blood but so is a mutual respect which has made this summer a special one for the Morneau's.

Hear more in this video brought to you by Scarehouse Windsor, getting ready for their most entertaining Halloween ever.

Rylan and Cale Marontate (69) are jockeying for a top 5 finish. Rylan, who shot a 76 at Erie Shores, is currently third overall while Cale is 9.5 points behind in 5th.

Tyler Hurtubise shot a 68 for his 4th win of the season. On the girls side Karolyn Rombouts won with a 73. Tour leader Kyla Charlebois and Kennedy Fremlin tied for second at 76.

The next event is Monday at Ambassador Golf.

Check out this video out. Fremlin and Vanessa Ardovini hit the flag on back to back shots on hole number 2 at Erie Shores Friday. They should have just been given the birdie but we don't make up the rules.

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