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UCC beats Herman for SWOSSA title

An entertaining game at Acumen Stadium Tuesday night between Ursuline College and Herman. The Lancers looked to be running away with the game as CJ Roberts scored three touchdowns for a 21-0 UCC lead.

"It's our coach. He knows what I like to do. Knows the plays I like." said Roberts.

The Griffins tried to replicate the comeback they made against Holy Names in the WECSSAA finals last week. Kyanni Elliott brought back a punt return for a touchdown in the third quarter. Then Malachi Jackson pulled down a 15-yard pass from Kaylo Elliott to pull within one score.

UCC conceded a safety and with the game at 21-16 in the dying moments, Jaxen Baker ended the desperate comeback with an interception.

"Coaches told us we had a chance this year and that we could win and that we would win if we kept our minds straight. We made sure we kept our minds straight to get this W." said Baker.

Herman head coach Harry Lumley praised UCC following the game. "First half they embarrassed us. They came in. The big city slickers got slicked." said Lumley who feels his team needs to refocus after the loss. "We gotta come ready to play and do what you're told to do. We still got guys doing their own thing. They're full value for the win. They outplayed us."

The victory is UCC's first SWOSSA football championship., Both teams will be at Acumen Stadium next week for the OFSAA Bowl Series and are scheduled to play Tuesday. Opponents have not been named yet. Bowl Games Schedule - OFSAA

UCC is thankful to have played at St. Clair and feel it could help them next week. "We know the field better than the teams that'll be here next week. We got a head start." said Roberts.

"We're definitely comfortable now winning a SWOSSA championship on it. It's our field now." added Baker.

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