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Prophecy fulfilled as Vagnini returns to St. Clair

When Steve Vagnini stepped down as head coach of the St. Clair women's soccer team five years ago former college president John Strasser urged him not to leave for another coaching job. "I'm going, 'it'll be good." Vagnini reassured his boss at the time. "His last words were 'You'll be back'."

The prophecy has been fulfilled as Vagnini returns to campus for a second stint as head coach. He takes over for the two coaches that filled his place. "I left them in good hands with Chris (Geier) and Gadeer (Sobh)."

Vagnini coached at the University of Windsor for one season. "It didn't work out so my vacation started."

The vacation is over as Vagnini returns to the helm rejuvenated and unfazed by being away from the game for over two years. "Covid hit. All the people that got affected through sports I never really felt it because I wasn't a part of it."

"I missed the worst downturn sports has ever seen."


Vagnini left the college on good terms and during his time away he fancied returning one day. On the day he saw the job posting a memory came up on Vagnini's phone. "It was my last athletic banquet at St. Clair and it was with Strasser."


Vaginini remains close friends with Geier and Sobh but says they will not be returning as his assistants. The search is on and he is looking for dedicated assistants. "I have to make sure they're not tied anywhere else. St. Clair has to be their main focus. This school (and kids) deserves their full attention."


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