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Wilson powering up for world championships

Updated: May 15

Sydney Wilson was a wrestler when the pandemic shut down the world. She started lifting weights to rehab following a car accident and was dabbling with powerlifting when she was discovered at a Good Life gym in August of 2022. "They were all Power Pit lifters and they kinda just saw me lifting and said 'you're strong kid, why don't you come join us."

Blake Giberson noticed Wilson was doing an exercise unique to powerlifters. "So I went over to her and asked her if she's an up and coming powerlifter and she said yes I'm already registered for a contest in Ottawa," Giberson said. "I said well if you need a hand with prepping and stuff I'll do that and if you wanna come out to the Power Pit and she jumped on that opportunity."

The Tecumseh Vista student joined Power Pit run by Jerry Marentette, the godfather of powerlifting in Essex-County. Wilson competed in her 12th meet Saturday at an open meet held at Belle River District High School where she broke the provincial record in the women's under-18 57k sub-junior division three times benching 63k, 67.5k and 70.5k. She also helped change weights for the men's competition and coached the high school kids at a meet held in they gym the day before.

The 17-year old was pleased with her outing. "The 70.5 will most likely be my opener for worlds," Wilson said. "Just doing a de-load, have a little fun meet here."

Wilson is heading to the world championships in Texas May 21st for the bench press where she hopes to set the Canadian record at 77k. She's also travelling to Malta in late August for the sub-junior world championships. "Never thought this, absolutely not. "Wilson said when asked if she ever imagined travelling the world when she started powerlifting.

She is thankful to the Power Pit crew for taking her under their wings. Wilson's affinity for Giberson doesn't get overlooked in our interview as she tells Powerplay Sports how he has helped her along the way. She is planning to take prom pictures at Power Pit and looks forward to sharing a smile with Giberson. "He's like a grandfather to me. He's family to us. He's a great fella."

Giberson is proud seeing Wilson succeed. "If she stays injury free she's gonna excel."

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May 16
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Great article! She is a confident, out going young lady who is light years ahead in maturity from her stated age. It’s nice to see the interaction at the gym between Sydney and Blake. The passion shines through with some great results! Best of luck at the worlds in Texas Syd!!

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