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Dalpe top goal scorer in OJLL

Zane Dalpe of the Windsor Clippers fell six points short of winning the OJBLL scoring title over Sam Dramnizke of Elora. Dalpe finished with 98 points and played three less games. "No disappointment for not winning the scoring title. There are a lot more important things on my mind like gearing up for a playoff run and a deep playoff run at that.". Said Dalpe who was the league's top goal scorer with 56 lamplighters in 16 games.

The Clippers finished 2nd in the Western Conference with a 16-4 record and head coach Jerry Kavanaugh feels that is partly because Dalpe has been able to score and dish to everyone on offence. "It starts with guys like him with the ball on their stick. They gotta make sure everyone is involved so he's doing a good job of that."

The Clippers are riding a five-game winning streak into their first round matchup against Owen Sound starting Saturday night at Forest Glade Arena. Dalpe feels the team is ready and hope to contend for the league title. "We have been playing some good lacrosse lately and have beaten some very good teams."

Here's one of Zane's 56 goals, scored last Thursday against Wallaceburg.

Here's the first round schedule.



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