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"Excited to move on," Saints win tourney opener

The St. Clair men's basketball team were expecting a high scoring game in their opener vs St. Mary's at the CCAA nationals Thursday afternoon. The Lightning put up 50 points in the first half. "We haven't seen a team that can shoot like that in a while." said co-head coach Brendon Seguin. "Early on we had our feet in cement for a little bit and we were slow."

The Saints picked up their pace to even up the score at 50 by halftime. St. Clair buckled down on defence in the third quarter and outscored the Alberta team 34-16. They held on to win 108-93. "Not our best performance but at this point of the year we're just looking for wins and we got it. We're excited to move on.

Chad Vincent-Simon scored 28 points to lead all scorers. Jalen Harmon had 24 while Shak Pryce dropped 20. "It's nice to see three players hit that 20-point mark." said Seguin. "We needed some shooting in the first half to keep us floating and Glynn Willis-Paris put in 13 for us. A lot of guys can chip in and we know over the three days we're gonna need different guys to do it on different nights. It's nice to see guys do it right off the bat."

The Saints advance to the semi-finals Friday at 8pm. They'll face the winner of tonight's game between VIU and Dawson.



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