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Kabano wins 4th straight title

Akili Kabano has been a champ during his four years at Lajeunesse. He scored a game-high 18 points to lead the Royals to an 82-32 win and his 4th WECSSAA A title.

"It's been amazing because we're at an advantage playing Tier 1."

Lajeunesse played .500 ball finishing 5-5 in a Tier 1 division this season that features some strong teams. Windsor Islamic finished 8-2 in the Tier 2 beating 9-1 Lamothe-Cadillac to reach the final for the first time in school history.

"We have all of next year to improve, get stronger, get better, get faster. " said Abdalla Ismael who plays on a team heavy with Grade 11 players. "We have a whole year to improve."

Lajeunesse hosts SWOSSA February 22nd.

Check out the reel.

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