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Lasers are on a mission

The St. Joe's Lasers continued to roll beating Kingsville for a second straight time this week 72-52 Thursday to remain undefeated to start the season. "When we're at our full strength and firing on all cylinders we expect to be winning the way we are." said Maya Fuerth who scored 32 points as the Lasers improved to 6-0. "Trying to keep our eyes on the goal. Not try to get to high on ourselves."

The goal is to win the city championship and earn an OFSAA berth. If they can pull it off they'll be able to hang the school's first ever senior girls championship banner on the wall. "That's what we're chasing after this year." said Fuerth.

St. Joe's lost to the OFSAA silver medallists from Holy Names by five points in the semi-finals last year. With four games left in the regular season they have established themselves as the team to beat but head coach Dave Fuerth doesn't feel that way. "We still feel like, this school has never hung a banner so we're always going to feel like underdogs." Fuerth said. "If you went the last 15 years probably 12 of them are Holy Names and St. Anne winning championships so we still feel like we're the new kid on the block, like we have something to prove so we gotta try and keep that mentality as best we can no matter what our record is."

A few of veteran players suited up together for summer ball and Maya admits part of the reason was to get ready for a run at a title. "Yes but it's a bigger goal right. We all have post secondary aspirations too so we're just trying to develop and make each other better."

Coach Fuerth sees a difference. "They're talented shooters and they really like playing for each other. They're such a fun group to coach. Makes me look good right." Fuerth said with a laugh. "Makes it look like I know what I'm doing."

The Lasers host Sandwich (1-3) next Tuesday before heading to Villanova (0-4) October 19th.


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