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Challenge thrown to Rafih Group

The annual game between the Face 2 Face All-Stars and Rafih All-Stars is sidelined this year because of the pandemic. This would have been year four with the Rafih squad leading the series 2-1. "I'm sick and tired of them cheating. I know they paid off the referees last year". said Renaldo Agostino, captain of the F2F All-Stars.

The basketball game benefits The Hospice of Windsor and Essex County and has consistently raised over three-thousand dollars. With no game to play Agostino is throwing out a challenge to the Rafih team as a substitute. "I officially challenge them to a game of NBA 2K21. All the money raised will go to John's foundation".

Agostino feels no cheating can occur with electronic referees and no one can get paid under the table to rig the game. "If they have the guts or fortitude I will officially teach them a lesson fair and square. Don't sing it. Bring it".

The Face 2 Face campaign closes September 30th.

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