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Saints grind out win vs Beefeaters

It was a wild game. Lots of highs and lows. In the end the St. Clair Saints football team eeked out a 40-36 win over their OFC rivals from London.

MJ Doyle Marshall scored a pair of touchdowns to lead the Saints to their second straight win over London (33-17 last week). The 2nd year running back had 14 carries for 177 yards including a 61-yard scamper to the end zone in the second quarter as the Saints erased a seven point deficit to send the game into halftime tied at 26.

"Offensively I can't complain. We had 500 yards total and scored 40 points." said head coach Mike Lachance who saw his team give up over 367 yards rushing against the Beefeaters. "We were very porous. We got some work to do. When you win and you play poorly it's a learning opportunity. I always tell my team don't let perfect get in the way of getting better."

Darius France, Javier Lewis and Enzey Youyoute also hit pay dirt helping the Saints improve to 3-0 as they head into next weekend's homecoming game against the Hamilton Hurricanes atop the OFC.

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