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St. Clair football rolls to opening night win

Head coach Mike Lachance isn't a fan of big scores but with 49 new players trying to make an impression on opening day it was inevitable. "I hate big crazy scores for the most part but it's awesome getting everybody in." said Lachance. "Especially when it's a kids first game at the college and they have family and friends watching."

There was no shortage of highlights in the opener. After a sluggish start University of Windsor transfer Andrew Brush rushed in from 15 yards out for the game's first touchdown. He then threw a 30-yarder to Enzey Youyoute and 32-yarder to Jared Hayes-Williams before giving way to the backups.

First up was Matt Guenette who didn't waste anytime making his presence known. He returns home after completing his high school career in Florida and threw a touchdown to Dante Lewis on his first play from scimmage. He followed that up with another to Hayes-Williams.

Not to be outdone, veteran Dan Mailloux matched Guenette by tossing a bomb to Alex MacLellan on his first play of the game. "In my 18 years as head coach I've never had all four QB's throw TD passes in a single game." said Lachance. "All four had a wow moment or two. All in all it was tough to expect much more from the QB group."

Lachance was particularly excited to see his defence in action heading into the season. "The defence was brilliant from the very first snap."


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