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Trip that almost didn't happen almost ended right

The day before Hunter Lee was leaving to the Netherlands for a boxing tournament he failed a mandatory Covid-19 test. "I literally said 'you have to do it again'," said Lee. "There's no way. I have no symptoms. I feel the best I've ever felt."

A week before, he trained by himself at the Olympic Centre in Montreal. He took time off work so he could focus on his diet and training. "If I really felt I really had Covid I'd be like ok what can you do."

He ended up getting another test which turned out negative. Hoping to get on his flight Lee was told he needed a second negative before he would be cleared. He ended up getting another negative and was on his way.

The Eindhoven Box Cup was his first competition since the pandemic began in 2020. The three-day tournament hosted boxers from all over the world.

Lee won a unanimous decision against a fighter from England in his opener and got a win by forfeit after his next opponent from Ireland backd out with a hand injury. In the tournament final he fought for gold against two-time Olympian and Mauritius fighter Merven Clair. "Definitely gave him a good run for his money." Said Lee. "I could just tell by his body language he was getting really frustrated with me."

Lee says he drew praise from others at the tournament after losing the 71kg division match and earning a silver medal. "Just being around those athletes," Lee paused in amazement before adding, "I can't wait to keep doing this. It was such a good experience. I'm glad I really proved myself to Boxing Canada."


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