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Vipers add assistant coaches

Nathan Savage and Myles Doan have signed on to become assistant coaches with the LaSalle Vipers. "I'm excited about our staff." said Vipers' GM John Nelson.

Savage returns to the bench after taking a year off to take care of his growing family. He'll enter his 4th year as an assistant coach with the team.

Doan brings four years of OHL experience to the bench. He also played two seasons at the university level at the University of Windsor.

Source: LaSalle Vipers

They will flank new head coach Chad Shepley who took over as bench boss in May after Matt Beaudoin stepped down. "Chad has been with our organization for the past five year and was also a player and he knows everything that's going on. The players have a lot of respect for him." Nelson said.

Training camp is set to start August 17th at the Vollmer Complex. The Vipers will have "a nice mix" of older and younger players. "It's a group that really gets along. They enjoy being with each other and the core part of that group has been with us for a few years and we think the experience we have with this group will really benefit our team.


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