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Rec volleyball thriving

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

If you are a competitive volleyball player chances are good you may end up playing in the Windsor Adult Volleyball League at some point when your "competitive career" is done. The top tier is littered with players that once played at St. Clair College, the University of Windsor or in the U.S.

The league is off for the holidays but five teams bubbled to the top before the break. Two of those teams (Advantage Plus and Hit The Pipe) play on Tuesday nights while the other three (WNC, Volleylama and Greek Gods) battle one another on Wednesday night. Each team is trying to win their night so they can advance to the final and play for the Semeniuk Cup.

Advantage Plus, captained by for St. Clair standout and former pro Corey Cole currently leads the nine-team division with a 27-3 record. They are the three-time defending Semeniuk Cup champs and have the proverbial target on their backs. Second place Hit The Pipe is 26-4 and pushing the champs for the top spot.

WNC leads the Wednesday night group at 27-3. Team captain Josh Prodan made it to the final in 2017 when his team was named Tanks and Spanks. He hasn't been back failing to get past the Greek Gods the past two years. The Gods, led by former Lancers standout JY Renaud, are in third with a 21-9 record while Volleylama is in second at 23-7. Volleylama is led by former OUA All-Star Shane Byrne and former OUA All-Canadian Kyle Williamson.

While the other contenders have more recognizable names hear why Prodan feels his team has a shot at returning to the Semeniuk Cup final and maybe winning it in 2020.


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