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WAVL sidelined again

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

For a second straight season the Windsor Adult Volleyball League has been forced to the sidelines, "Can't blame them", said league president Shawn Lippert who received a letter from the catholic school board last week.

The letter informs all community partners a decision was made to extend the pause on indoor use of their facilities until further notice. The board cites the health and safety of students, staff and users as the driver for decisions regarding access to buildings outside of school hours,

"It's been the same message since March of last year", said Lippert. "They're not saying they're not going to use it. The wording is always encouraging".

Lippert expects the public and french boards to follow suit and is saddened by the outlook, "It'll be a full two years without league play".

With vaccinations soon available to kids between the ages of 5-11, Lippert is planning to for next season and expects to pick up where the league left off in 2019.


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