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Brazier flirting with history

Only four golfers have won the Jamieson Jr. Golf Tour and the Essex Kent Tournament in the same summer.

Bennett Brazier qualified for the EK final Wednesday afternoon at Roseland and is hoping to become fourth and first since Tyler Hurtubise in 2019 to win both in the same year. James Hill in 2017, Michael Pinnonneault in 2009 and Jordan Batten in 2004 are the other three to have accomplished the feat.

Brazier won the Jamieson Tour and capped off an impressive summer that saw him place top-5 in six of the eight events he played. "My ability to get up and down right now is kinda my strong point." said the 16-year old. "I feel if I miss hitting an iron or a drive I feel I can get up and down and still make par or birdie."

The St. Anne student beat Geordie Johnston 5-up with four to go Tuesday afternoon in match play to advance. He'll face fellow Jamieson golfer Noah Turner who beat Cole Labadie 3-up with two to go. "He's a great player." Brazier said of the 14-year old. "He's really good at match play. He can go low and make some birdies."

Turner is excited to qualify for the final and play against someone he's familiar with. "He's a very solid player." The Maranatha student said. They are both part of the junior program at Essex Golf and Country. "Really respect him. Hopefully should be fun. We played a couple of matches together. Kinda close. Similar game. Should be a good match tomorrow morning."

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