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Butzer win marks a Jamieson Tour first

"I can tell he's proud of me." Hannah Butzer, Jamieson Jr. Golf Tour winner.

Source: Hannah Butzer

When Hannah Butzer won the overall title it marked the first time in the 35-year history of the tour an offspring of a former winner won the overall title. "It feels great and I know he's really happy and proud of me because of it."

Her father Brad won the overall title in 1992. "It's a proud moment." Butzer said "She gets to be part of something I was part of when I was a kid and meant so much to me. As a parent, it's just awesome.

Hannah set the tone to her strong summer shooting a 69 in the tour opener at Seven Lakes. That score was one stroke shy of tying the tour record of 68 by Alyssa Getty. The 16-year old UCC student won four of the eight events she played and added three second place finishes. "The low scores I shot made me realize that everything I worked for is starting to click.". said Butzer whose average strokes per event, in the six events that count on the tour, was 72.8. "It feels great, realizing all my hard work has payed off."

Butzer won the girls division with 118 points. Kassandra Rombouts was second with 115 points while last year's winner Vanessa Ardovini placed third with 110 points.

Source: Brad Brazier

Wednesday capped off a great summer for Bennett Brazier as he won the boys championship. "Most of the guys I competed with are my friends which made this summer so much more enjoyable." said the 16-year old St. Anne student who finished with 461.5 points. Jack Dupuis was second with 457.5 while Cale Marontate and Ben Buchner finished tied for third with 457 points. "I feel like I played good golf in most events. I know what I need to work on to get better, as I left many strokes out there throughout the tour. Overall I am pleased with the results."

Brazier finished Top-5 in six of the eight events he played this summer including a third place finish Thursday at Kingsville. He also won at Essex Golf and Country midway through the tour. On top of the overall title, Brazier also took home the Nick Zec Award as the top scoring 16-under golfer. "I have heard many great things about Nick Zec and I feel honoured to have my name on the trophy."

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