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Class of 2023: Jamie Adjetey-Nelson

When the Windsor-Essex Sports Hall of Fame holds its first induction dinner since 2019 Jamie Adjetey-Nelson will proudly be one of sixteen new members.

"I think it starts when you're young. You talk about Hall of Famers. You call yourself a Hall of Famer because you want to be one. Whether you make it or not you wanna compete like a Hall of Famer. Now I am one. I spoke it into existance." said the former University of Windsor standout.

While speaking with Powerplay Sports Jamie reflected on how the days playing sports with his friends or competing against the best in the world helped him achieve success during his track and field career. The biggest moment of success was winning gold at the Commonwealth Games in 2010 in India. "It's cool for the kids I coach and my kids." Adjetey-Nelson said. "I always want to tell them you can do it too. You tell the story. You talk the journey. Whoever gets something from it that's what I love about it."

Jamie has had some great moments during his career including the 300m race he ran in 2007 at the OUA championships in Windsor. He was ranked but not ranked to win. Jamie made the final turn and embarked on a homestretch he'll never forget. He crossed the finish line first as the St. Denis Centre erupted. It was a magical moment for those who were in the building that night. The Lancers won their 9th straight OUA title that year.

It's a great memory but his moment, the one that defined what was to come, came in 2002 at OFSAA. Jamie made the 200 metre final but wasn't known as a sprinter. He didnt' win a medal that day finishing 4th but that's when Jamie realized he could succeed. "I was like oh I can do almost anything if I set my mind to it. So after that I felt limitless."

Later that day in the relay he ran his 400 metre leg against the 400m OFSAA champ. "I didn't run the 400 that year and I ran away from him in the relay and I felt so good." Adjetey-Nelson said.

Those moments led to a career worthy of Hall of Fame recognition. Jamie will be inducted October 28th at the Ciociaro Club.

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A five star athlete in all sports he played.

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