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"Dream come true" for Saints soccer

St. Clair captain Massimo Pollard has lost four medal matches during his collegiate career but this year was different. The Saints closed out the CCAA national championship tournament with a 4-1 win over Keyano College to earn the bronze medal, the program's first ever. "For this to be my final game and go out on the medal chase is a dream come true." Pollard said. "From the start of the season the goal was always a medal and everyone knew the assignment. Losing was simply not an option."

Source: CCAA

St. Clair opened the tournament with a 3-1 win over Keyano to establish they weren't a team to overlook. "We came in with the mindset that we can match or beat anyone here and that served us well." said Tanner Page.

They lost to the eventual gold medallists from Douglas College 1-0 on Day 2. "It is very hard to play a game after you've been eliminated from the possibility of a gold medal." Pollard said but the Saints rebounded with a 2-1 win over VIU in the bronze medal semi-finals the next day.

They capped the tournament with a strong game to finish the tournament with a 3-1 record. "It was a chance for all of us to stamp our names in history bringing a medal to St. Clair for the first time in 57 years." said Page who scored two goals and was named the player of the match in the bronze medal game."It was a must win and we had no doubt going into the game that we were leaving with a medal around our necks."

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