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Friends reunited and won titles

Isiah Osbourne and Munis Tutu are training for the next stage of their basketball careers. They have been friends since grade 4 but went their seperate ways in high school when Tutu left the City of Windsor to play prep ball in the U.S.

He returned to Canada and was recruited by a school he admits to not knowing much about. Tutu was lured to lace up for Carleton, a perennial OUA and USport powerhouse.

The Ravens were knocked out of the playoffs in Tutu's first year on the team. During that off-season he saw an opportunity to reunite with his childhood buddy. "I heard he was transferring and I told my coach at the time." said Tutu. "Dave (Smart) just told me to recruit him. I contacted him. He wasn't really feeling it at first."

Persistence paid off. Osbourne joined the Ravens and together with Tutu won the national title in 2019 and 2020. Osbourne is hopeful for an OUA season in 2021 while Tutu is looking to play ball in Europe.


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