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Gamble pays off for McGarrell

It's plays like this that has led to Cyrus McGarrell earning a D1 scholarship to Northern Illinois. This is McGarrell tracking down and thwarting what should have been a Herman touchdown during the 2018 WECSSAA championships.

With dreams of playing NCAA football Cyrus McGarrell wasn't about to let the pandemic ruin his chances. The 18-year old chose to leave Holy Names and play in Florida at Clearwater Academy. McGarrell got noticed and eventually got an offer from Northern Illinois. It's a great accomplishment considering the cornerback lost his grade 11 year after breaking his collarbone during the first game of the season.

Cyrus McGarrell of Holy Names track down Herman's Wes Simpson during the 2018 WECSSAA final.
Cyrus McGarrell earn scholarship

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