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Kennedy tuned up for second half

Thomas Kennedy is just getting back into the swing of things at practice this week and already has the spotlight on him. A few days ago University sports website PRSVRE asked if Kennedy can pick up where he left off when he averaged 21.4 points and 13.9 rebounds per game in first seven games of the OUA season.

It's hard to say what level athletes will be able to reach in a fast and furious second half after almost two months away from sports due to the holidays and provincial shutdown.

However, in Kennedy's case, expect him to be ready for the challenge of building on his first semester success. Because of his national team recognition Kennedy was able to hit the gym and practice on the court during the provincial pause. He's in shape and ready to rise up when the season resumes February 12 at home against Brock., "I just gotta prove myself again"

Lancers head coach Chris Cheng feels his captain is ready to elevate his game, "He's got a lot more to show. He's just getting started".

His first half got him an honourable mention in the following tweet.

Cheng feels he has the best big in the nation this season and says the tweet might serve as a motivator, "Knowing Thomas he's going to use that as fuel".

The 21-year old appreciates being noticed for his play on the court but Kennedy is focused on team success, "Personally keep doing my thing and hopefully that makes contributions to our record and everyone around me".

If that happens Kennedy would then gladly accept any accolade thrown his way, "Alongside a deep run in the playoffs I would obviously accept an MVP vote or selection".


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