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Kersey family tradition continues

This one picture is worth over a thousand words from people the Kersey family has touched over the years. "We haven't taken a group picture like that in a long time." said Brandon Kersey (far right in the picture).

Everyone in the picture is a member of the Kersey family and own a black belt.

  1. Lamon Kersey, September 19th, 1973

  2. Anne Marie Rondot-Kersey, May 6th 1978

  3. Kathryn Kersey, October 11th, 1986

  4. Brandon Kersey, October 19th, 1989

  5. Krista Kersey, June 2nd, 1988

  6. Brandon M. Kersey, October 25th, 2007

  7. Olivia Kersey, October 27th, 2011

  8. Tia Kersey, Mary 26th, 2016

  9. Natalie Kersey, October 19th, 2017

"It's cool to see all the generations." Brandon said. "My mom, dad. My kids. My wife Krista. My sister. Her kids."

Mr. Kersey's Karate School first opened in 1983. The picture was taken at the recent Kersey annual Christmas and Award banquet. "Our first one, I was 13. It was at the Fireside Inn. We had 60 people and my parents couldn't believe that many people showed up."

The event has welcomed hundreds each year giving Brandon a deeper appreciation for his parents' legacy. "I started martial arts when I was three. It's not until I've gotten older that I can actually look back and say wow, the amount of people my parents impacted their life through martial arts. You don't realize it when you're younger. It's only when you get older that you can actually see that."

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