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Lachance-Morencie, “perfect marriage”

There are a lot of new faces at training camp as the St. Clair Saints football team gets set for their 2023 season opener August 12th. One thing that is and has continued to remain consistent since 2011 is the Mike and Mike show of Lachance and Morencie. “It’s a great combination for sure“ said Lachance. “He does an outstanding job with the defence and I really don’t have to worry too much about that side of the ball.”

For his part Morencie, the former head coach of the AKO Fratmen, says he enjoys the relationship he has with his former player. “It’s a perfect marriage.” Morencie said. “It works. I think he’s doing a crazy good job here of developing the overall structure of this program intellectually and everything. It’s a good place to be.”

Veteran players like Billy Patterson Jr. agree. “Honestly, two of the greatest coaches I ever had. Without a doubt they’d do anything for me.”

Morencie, who got his start as a football coach under Rick Bauer at Herman in 1979, enters his 45th year. The 66-year old continues to enjoy helping players and creating game plans. “My grandson told me at his birthday party Pepe when you’re 80 years old I’m gonna be playing for you And I said big fella when Pepe’s 80 I’m not gonna be coaching no more.” Morencie said with a big laugh.

Lachance enters his 20th year this season and laughed at the idea of making it to 45. “I don’t know if I can think about 40. 40 is a long time.”


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