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Mills proud despite finals setback

"Hats off to our kids. It was a fantastic football game." Glen Mills, Ravens' head coach

It wasn't the outcome they expected as the Essex Ravens lost a barn burner Saturday night against the Hamilton Jr. Ticats 11-7. "We didn't quit. We played til the very end and that's all you can ask of them." Mills said. The Ravens had opportunities but in the end could not convert. "We didn't come out on the right end this time. We had a heck of a run. 39-2 in the last four years. It's been great. This year was great too. We didn't get the overall prize but it's still a great season."

Mills took a minute to reflect on the organization's success hosting the OSFL championship weekend which featured 12 title games over three days this past weekend. "We got a ton of compliments from every team. They said we knocked it out of the park the way we made them feel and the way we handled it.

Mills points to the help of 75 volunteers who he feels put on a show at Alumni Field. "Our volunteer base was amazing."

Check out a great catch by Malachi Jackson and a big interception by Deandre Whiteford in the highlight video below.

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