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Lajeunesse brings home gold

Updated: Nov 25, 2019

The Lajeunesse sr. girls basketball team completed their season with a resounding win over Woodland Christian College 50-26 to win the OFSAA A championship Saturday night in Welland. The Royals jumped out to a quick 9-2 and never looked back. Ashanti Christian led the way with 20 points. Her sister Jamilah added 13 as Lajeunesse finished the season with a 31-2 record.

Head coach Linda Carriere says she was not surprised her team beat Woodland so handily "It didn't matter what team we were playing against last night, these girls were hungry for gold all weekend. Nothing was going to stop them".

Carriere credited the competition the Royals face in Essex-County as a reason for their success, "Thanks to all our local talent that challenged us all year, we couldn't have been more prepared for this OFSAA journey".

It's the school's first girls team gold medal at the provincials.

video courtesy: Lynx Media Jean Vanier



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