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Lakeshore-Wheatley set up with video

As per Aerosmith, same old song and dance. It's Lakeshore vs Wheatley in the Stobbs Division semi-final for a third straight year starting Tuesday night. "I think it's gonna be a good series," said Sharks head coach Josh Carnavale. "It's been a good series with us and them the last two years. We've kinda pushed them more than anybody has really in the playoffs."

Wheatley was down 0-3 two years ago and came back to force a game 6. A year ago The Sharks won the first two games of the series before Lakeshore fought back to win four straight including a five-overtime game 6 odyssey.

"I think we match up well. We've matched up well with them the past couple years. See if we can push this group over the top and give them all that we got."

Wheatley swept their first round series against Mooretown while Lakeshore did the same to Walpole Island. Head to head, the Canadiens won the regular season series 5-1 over the Sharks including the last five.

"I would say about maybe a month ago or a couple months ago their game sort of just elevated," said Lakeshore head coach Anthony Iaquinta. "There's a team there with a lot of talent that works really really really hard and every night they're tough to play against so from our perspective we gotta make sure we're ready to pay the price and ready to do what it takes to win."

Lakeshore finished first in the Stobbs division with a 37-5 record while Wheatley was a 4th at 25-14-2-1.

Hear from both coaches in the video below brought to you by Tourism Windsor-Essex Pelee Island.

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