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L'Essor football honours fallen friends

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

There was a lot more going on than an important football game for Les Aigles de L'Essor Thursday night. They entered a battle of undefeated teams against Riverside with heavy hearts as they played for a student that passed away this week. "We played for him, we played hard, and that's really what got us the win.” said quarterback Drew Delisle.

Les Aigles wrote the student's initials on their hands and on the sides of their helmets in tribute. Their thoughts were also with L'Essor grad Sylvain Lessard who lost his life in a tragic crash last week. "I just kind of explained to them today that when they come out here wearing the L'Essor jersey they're representing more than themselves." said head coach Nick Thrasher. "They're representing their school and their school suffered a loss so they came out here with a little more inspiration to play tonight."

L'Essor beat Riverside 42-20 to improve to 7-0 while Riverside dropped to 5-1.

"It was awesome." Thrasher said. "I thought it was gonna be a little bit tigher but I think we came in the second half and really just kept their foot on the gas pedal and came away with a big win."

The victory puts L'Essor in a position to rebound for a winless 2022 campaign and go undefeated in 2023 with a team mixed with junior and seniors. They'll face North Star Thursday, November 9th at Holy Names.

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