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Massey basketball reversing fortunes

After sitting out last season with a torn ACL Bella Canty is making the most of her return to the hardwood. She hit the winning free thrown with 49 seconds left leading the Massey Mustangs to a 44-43 win over Tecumseh Vista Thursday. "I thought it was a good game. We had a very slow third period but at the end of the game we really picked it up. We had a good start and a good finish. That's what won the game for us." said Canty who scored 13 points to lead the Mustangs.

She watched the team lose every game from the sidelines last year and is happy to be on the floor helping the team reverse their luck. "So many of these players played on the team last year and they lost so it's really nice to help bring this team up." Canty said who scored 28 points in the season opener over L'Essor. "I feel like Massey is known as an academic school so it's nice to be able to bring the sports because I think there is a crowd, people like sports. It's nice to be able to show people what Massey has."

Kennedy Awender led all scorers with 23 points. The grade 9 student-athlete has been a top scorer for the Vortex who are now 1-2 on the season. Vista erased an 11-point deficit to take a lead in the 4th quarter. "It was a great test of our integrity and to keep our composure and to just keep our heads and each other up" said grade 11 player Danijela Dragicevic. "I cant wait to see what else this season has to offer and to see how our team can improve as a whole."

The Mustangs are 2-0 and are at Lajeunesse Tuesday while Vista, drops to 1-1. The Vortex host Riverside next Tuesday.


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