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Morgan hits 10,000 mile goal

We caught up with Charlie Morgan this summer during his quest to ride the ECWay Challenge to ten thousand miles. At the time he had completed his seventh tour of the course which was put together by County Wide Active Transportation System (CWATS) and Tom Omstead.

"Might be the best way to see the ‘real’ Essex County...the ECWay Centurion route captures urban and rural, paved shouldered and gravel roads and trails,” said Morgan.

The trail was completed 154 times with Morgan accounting for 14 loops, The 67-year old enjoyed the course because "it is fun for people of all ages whether one completes the whole route or not”

Morgan says he pushed himself during the pandemic to get sixteen-thousand kilometers done in 120 days. He is proud to say he surpassed his goal with a few more riding days left in the season.

He was pushed by others who rode comparable mileage including Jim Toews who completed the trail 15 times and Paul Woodruff who hit lucky 13.

"At this time of year I am normally riding in another country (in Europe, US or South America) so it is a pleasant change to ride in the colours of autumn".


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