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Mulder ready to be a hit in Texas

Lily Mulder was one of thousands of student-athletes in North America to sign a letter of intent when the signing period opened earlier this month. "It feels amazing to be signed as an athlete." said the grade 12 North Star student who has committed to the Texas A&M softball team. "I had many great opportunities to play both here and in the U.S. Ultimately, I chose West Texas because it’s a strong program. They were the National champions in their division in 2021 and were 50-8 last season."

Mulder liked the athmosphere during her visit to Texas and is looking forward to playing in their state of the art facility. "This school has an amazing team and awesome coaches who value family, grades and performance, in that order."

Source: Dawn Mulder

The Amhestburg native grew up playing basketball, volleyball, ran track and says being a multi-sport athlete helped her develop mentally and physically. "Being physically conditioned reduced my injuries and also improved my overall speed and agility that I could apply anywhere." Mulder noted. "Mentally it helped because I was strong in some and weaker in others so I learned to lose and come back, shake off bad plays and keep going."

Mulder's has been a busy athlete in the past year winning bronze while being named game MVP with the U19 Canadian National Softball team. She was also a recipient of the Royal Arcanum Award as top AA student-athlete in Windsor-Essex County.

There are many that helped Mulder attain her goal. "Honestly, my mom played a huge role in making this happen but she always says that it’s taken a whole community." Mulder said. "From teachers, to coaches, family, friends and even just people who have encouraged me or given advice. All the pieces came together over years of training and planning."


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