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Riverside Royals taking long term swings

The Riverside 15U Elite team is playing the best baseball available to them this summer in the 32-team Elite Baseball League of Ontario. "We're very ambitious. Very driven." said team general manager Ryan Blair.

Their overall record of 9-2-1 shows the team is responding to the goal driven coaching staff (Derek Murphy, KenGayowsky, Randy Steinman, Mitch Rivait and Rick Lindquist). "Our mindset as a staff is to keep this group together for years to come." Blair said.

The big picture is to have player continue their baseball journey through junior and seniors playing ball into their 40's. Blair says he would like the team grow into provincial and national contenders. "Our goal is play ball on Sunday on elimination weekend and put ourselves in the top four of the province and see if we can compete for a national title."

Blair says no stats are shared with the players. "Our reward is stitching seventeen friendships together."

Hear more from Blair in the following video.


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