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The return of WAVL championships this weekend

It's been three long years for Windsor Adult Volleyball League president Shawn Lippert so you'll have to excuse his kid like excitement for Saturday's Day of Champions. "The simple fact that we are playing, that's it. End of story." Lippert said. "I could put in all kinds of adjectives but the fact that we are playing is enough."

A good thing to come out of the pandemic was the addition of a league semi-final. "We've never done a two-week semi final so there's an opportunity for upsets and we had a few of them."

The milder temperatures this winter translated into less cancellations and more games played.

The championships are this Saturday at the St. Clair College Sportsplex. 16 teams in eight tiers will by vying for local supremacy starting at 9am. The main event will feature the Semeniuk Cup between Gillis Division champion We Love Sports taking on the Primeau champion WNC. Both teams have former OCAA and OUA allstars and were the top teams in their division this season.

There will be food and bar service available. Fans can catch any of the games for free.

"We're the biggest league in Canada and arguably top-5 in the world. The world is spinning again." Lippert said.


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