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Tier 1 football playoff picture

The regular season ended Monday night with Holy Names beating Essex 21-7 to claim the Tier 1 division. "Unexpected." described Knights head coach Dan Hogan after his team finished a perfect 6-0. "Lots of hard work by coaches and players. Doesn't mean nothing if we don't get it done in a week.

Herman shutout Villanova in the other contest 30-0 for their 4th straight win. "After a slow start we're happy to be in the playoffs." said Griffins head coach Harry Lumley whose team stumbled out of the blocks losing their first two games. "The league is pretty even this year with Holy Names being a little better than the rest of us."

Holy Names and Sandwich (5-1) get a first round bye leaving Herman and Villanova squaring off for a second time in a week this Friday at Tecumseh Vista at 5:30. Essex and Belle River will battle in the other quarter-final matchup at Essex at 7pm Friday. The Red Raiders beat the Nobles 18-14 in Week 3.

The Knights get the winner of that game. "We had a bye in week 5 and it really helped us take care of the bruises and bumps." Hogan said who points out the junior team is a game away from a perfect regular season as well. "If we can win that one, I think it's been a long time since Holy Names had both jv and varsity go undefeated. That's great and super and we'll remember that but everybody is 0-0 right now and it's time to get down to business."

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