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Vista wins first match in over a year

Tecumseh Vista won the battle of winless teams Tuesday night beating L'Essor 2-1 in a tightly contested match. "Feels great." said grade 12 student-athlete Spencer Charron who has seen his share of losing over the last two seasons. "It's hard not to get down. It takes a lot to convince yourself to get back on the court but with enough perseverance we got a win."

The Vortex and Les Aigles split the first two sets. In the finale Vista, it was fitting for Charron, the captain of the team, to get the winning point on a cross court kill. His goal this season has been to lead by example, especially after the second set loss. "It was really important. I was able to keep the team energy up. Keep everyone excited. I think that's what helped the team win."

Rookie Philip Malovic feels the Vortex have gotten better with each match and was relieved to finally taste victory as a senior. "To win as a senior it's different than in junior. This is when it gets more competitive. We just worked together as a team to get the win. "

For new Vista head coach Jarrett Robillard, getting the first win has been a process. "There's improvement for sure. " said the volunteer who agreed to coach late in the process. "Picking up things. When they do it it's good because obviously they're listening. I'm definitely happy to see improvement for sure."

L'Essor falls to 0-4 but are not letting their record ruin their experience. "There's definitely some bright spots but our receiving, if we're not getting the ball to our setter there's not any good attacks going on so it's really hard to score points especially at a high level like varsity volleyball." said grade 12 student-athlete Trevor Mayrand. "It's a long season. We got a long time 'til playoffs and we're just gonna keep practicing."

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