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Windsor to host OFSAA football

"It's very exciting." Christian Seguin, outgoing SSAA president.

The Saints Student Athletic Association (SSAA) is helping to host the OFSAA football championship bowls at St. Clair College for the next two years. "Definitely a chance to show our facilities and how we can match up against anyone else in the province, in the country."

SWOSSAA is the host association with the event being convened by James Clarke of Chatham's John McGregor. The OFSAA football festival will take place in late November with nine games played in three days at Acumen Stadium. "It's really exciting for football in the area." said WECSSAA football co-convenor Nate Binder. According to Binder conversations about expanding the high school game schedule to give players more reps is on-going. "We're trying to give them a little bit more of a bigger schedule if possible."

Essex Red Raiders head coach Badi Qawwas is excited for players in our region and feels they will be extra motivated to win and have a chance to play for a provincial title in front of friends and family in their backyard. "I think it's special for the next two years. It's something to build. If you don't think you have a strong enough team this year you build towards next year."

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