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Big turnaround season for Warlocks U9's

The Windsor Warlocks U9's exceeded expectations this season. After losing every game in 2019 the Warlocks rebounded to finish the regular season 14-0. The team ended up winning their zone championship against London 18-0.

"It's pretty impressive." said head coach and former Windsor Clippers standout Trevor Veres. "From having all the commitment from the parents, coaches. We've had help from the Clippers. We've had help from some of the local professonal players. It's just been a blast getting the help from everybody to grow this youth team."

At provincials the Warlocks won one game and lost twice putting them in a three way tie for the quarter-finals but they lost out on goal differential.

"The coaching staff was really impressed with the team's development over the course of the season, especially with eleven first year players in the lineup." said assistant coach Chad Sutherland.

"These kids have a bright future ahead."


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