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Boxing update from Ohio

A great experience for these girls. Josh Canty on his fighters Canty and Castillo at USA Boxing Women's Championship in Toledo.

Rosalind Canty won her first match at the tournament Monday night against Noelle Haro of North Carolina in the 110kg division. Judges scored the bout 4-1 for Canty. "Really proud of Rosalind's performance." said her dad and coach Josh Canty.

Jarelyn Castillo will go toe to toe against Vanasia Satterwhite of Copley, Ohio in her tournament opener Wednesday at noon.

The tournament goes until the end of the week. "There are a lot of professional fighters, fighters that have gone through these ranks before they're now in the pro ranks that they can see and they're learning from. It's just a great experience all in all." Canty said.

Both fighters took part in a development camp last week through the Border City Boxing Club. The camp included fighters from all across Ontario and Quebec.


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