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Jacob Robson photo gallery with Detroit Tigers

We've seen the pride of Jacob Robson's mom on full display since the Detroit Tigers opened training camp. Jill Schroeder has posted some great pics of the Massey grad. We thought we'd put them all in a photo gallery and share it with you because it is no doubt cool to see him wear the Old English D.

Schroeder is proud of her son's academic and athletic achievements but praises the 26-year old for embracing the philosophies he lives by.

She shares some of those philosophies in the following to Powerplay Sports,

“Know thyself” tattooed on his arm and “always tell the truth” and “sacrifice today will ensure a secure future” and “compare yourself to how you did yesterday and not to others”. I’m proud at how he can live authentically by these philosophies as most people struggle with being comfortable in their own skin. Jacob always knows where his target is and aims accordingly. You can’t help but strive for better or learn something new when you are around Jacob. He’s the ultimate exemplar really.

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