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Jerrod Smith gets the nod

"He's a talented coach with a bright future." Windsor Spitfires GM Bill Bowler on Jerrod Smith hiring.

Many fans got their wish. Jerrod Smith has been named the new head coach of the Windsor Spitfires. "So happy and so grateful that I put my work in and to see it coming to fruition I just couldn't be happier."

Smith takes over for Marc Savard who left prior to the NHL draft in June to join the Calgary Flames as an assistant coach. Andy Delmore remains with the team as an assistant coach.

Smith said his first order of business was to enjoy the day. He joined the team in 2011 as a video coach and is very familiar with many people in the organization. "I love this team. I love this organization. My wife's from Tecumseh. This is home for me now." Smith said. "I think I have great relationships with everybody. It's a comforting feeling to come to work everyday."

Smith says he looks forward to connecting with fans and feels this year's team will be competitive.

Training camp is set to open August 31st.

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