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Knights win tournament

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

The Holy Names senior boys basketball team captured the North Park Tournament this past weekend in Brantford going undefeated in four games. In their first tournament of the season the Knights beat Sarnia Northern 70-59 in the final.

"We were really impressed with our compete level," said head coach Ryan Steer, "Guys 1 through 12, all stepped up and were ready to play when called upon this weekend against some excellent basketball teams".

The Knights have only played nine games together as a unit because of the pandemic and Steer feels his team is starting to come together as a unit heading into the final week of the WECSSAA regular season. They have two big games to close out the regular season schedule against 3-1 Lajeunesse (Tuesday) and 4-0 Kennedy (Thursday).

"Great to get competition from outside of Windsor to see where we're at going into two big games for us and playoffs." said Steer. "The guys are looking forward to the challenge of two excellent teams to test us before playoffs start.

Check out a dunk and some highlights from championship game.



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