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Lazure triple gold winner

Gaspar Lazure of the Windsor Essex Swim Team is catching a wave at the right time. He won gold in the 50 fly, 100 fly and 50 freestyle plus a silver in the 100 freestyle at the recent Eastern Canadian Swimming Championships in Windsor. "I'm happy. I did what my coach told me to do." said the 17-year old. "I got the job done and I'm happy about it.

Gaspar Lazure won the 50m freestyle in 24.14 seconds

WEST head coach Jimmy Lee says he kept the game plan simple. "We talked about racing on that given day. He did the job. We know at Trials that's where you gotta be the best on that given day."

Lee says Lazure's performance should be a confidence boost heading into the Canadian Trials starting March 28th in Toronto. He feels the Lajeunesse student is positioned to make the junior Pan-Am team. "Things are looking bright."

Lazure senses he's been trending upwards since the beginning of March. "I'm racing guys I've never raced before and then I thought I'm never gonna reach them and now I'm beating them so I'm happy about that." said Lazure, who swam on Canada's World Cup team earlier this season in his first international meet.

He is hoping Trials is the next highlight of his career. When asked if the Olympics is a goal Lazure said maybe not in 2024 but he is definitely eyeing an attempt in 2028. "Still got a lot of things to do and train. It could happen. I gotta shoot for the stars."

Check out his gold medal race in the 50m freestyle.


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